(1).  Location Ph-II A & B
(2).  Overview Ph-II A & B
(3).  Feature-II-A & B
(4).  Photo Gallary Ph-II-A     (i).Interior view (ii).Outer View
(5).  Photo Gallary Ph-II-B      [Construction to be started]  
(6).  Architecture Plans (i).Phase-II-A (ii).Phase-II-B       (iii).Phase-II-B [3D View] (iv).Phase-II-B[3D View]
(7).  e-Brochure (i).e-Broucher Ph-II-A , (ii).e-Broucher Ph-II-B
(8).  Payment Schedule (i).e-Broucher Ph-II-A (ii).e-Broucher Ph-II-B
(9).  Your Payment StatusClick Here  
(10).  Project C.P.M.:- Shri C.Ramayana, Contact No.044-26176973


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Allottees of Chennai II-A Group Housing Scheme have already been sent the Revised Payment Schedule along with advice for payment of 10th & 11th instalments vide this office letter dated 10/10/2017.Since construction work in the project is in full swing, funds are required to meet the construction cost of the project. In view of this it has been decided that the allottees may pay the 10th& 11th instalment Please Click here for more details Please Click here for more details

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The brochure of the scheme was issued in the month of August, 2014. The cost given in Table 1 of the Brochure (2014) was tentative as per note given with the table and was likely to change depending upon the market fluctuation. Approvals of the project have been received recently. Although in the intervening period of almost three years, there is substantial inflation, yet the increase in the cost of DU is kept to bare minimum @ 4.20%.