(2).Photo Gallery  
(5).Location Plan
(6).Technical Sepcification
(7).Unit Plan: (i).Type II, (ii).Type III, (iii).Type IV
(8).Application Form: (i).For Railway Employees, (ii).For Blood Relation of IRWO Members,(iii).For Indian Nationals
(9). Membership Form : (i).For Railway Empolyees ,(ii).For Blood Relation of IRWO Members,(iii).For Indian Nationals
(10).Project Broucher
(11).(i).Payment Schedule,  (ii).Payment Schedule [For Original Allottees]  
(12). Your Payment Status
(13).Vacancy Position : (i). Type-II/19, (ii). Type III/39, (iii).Type IV/49
(14).Project Officers :

(*)  Shri A.K.Shukla-          Mob.-9330473342,
(*)  Shri P. K. Gupta-          Mob.-7017001815,




(1).As per Govt. notification, when a buyer buys immovable property (i.e. a building or part of a building or any land other than agricultural land) costing more than Rs.50 lakhs, he has to deduct TDS when he pays to the seller. This has been laid down in Section 194-1A of the Income Tax Act.

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Financial Details

(1).:Latest Audit Financial Report
Dwelling Units Details

(1).Latest Dwelling Unit Available: (i). II/21,(ii). III/42, (iii). IV/63
     Latest Dwelling Unit Allotted:(i). II/2, (ii). III/3, (iii). IV/14

Parking Details

(1).Latest Parking Available in Stilt: (i). 32- Covered Car Parking
(2).Latest Paring Available in Ground:(i). 82 -Open Car Parking
(3).Latest Paring Available in Basemant:(i). 68- Covered Car Parking
(4).Latest Paring Available in Scooter Parking:(i). 64- Covered Scooter Parking



As you are aware, GST rates on residential projects have been amended as below with effect from 01-04-2019

A. OLD RATE PRIOR TO 01-04-2019
(I) GST RATE -12%

B. New Rate Prior From 01-04-2019: -

GST rate 1% on affordable and 5% on others. However, ITC is not allowed

2.0). In residential project, IRWO has to pay GST @ 18% on every contractor’s bill. ITC permitted means that this GST Payment to Contractors can be adjusted against the GST amount to be received from the allottees [which shall be required to be paid by IRWO to Government] This adjustment can not be done where ITC is not allowed.

3.0). For on-going projects, GST Council has given builders an option to choose to either stay in the old GST regime of 12 % with ITC or opt for the new GST regime of 5% & 1% without ITC. This choice was to be intimated to the government by 10th May 2019 which has been extended to 20th May 2019.

4.0). IRWO has done a detailed analysis in consultation with Chartered Accountants for its on-going Projects at Jaipur (Ph-III), Kota, Chennai Ph-IIB) and Lucknow (Ph-IV). Detailed analysis is attached herewith as Annexure I to Annexure IV from the analysis it will be seen that cost of the project is lesser by approx. Rs 2 Crore to Rs 4 Crore if old GST rate of 12% (with ITC) is opted. Therefore, for benefit of allottees of IRWO’s on-going projects at Jaipur (Ph-III), Kota, Chennai-Ph-II-B) and Lucknow (Ph-IV) it has been decided to remain in the old GST regime.

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Allottee's Desk

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Demand Letter of 4th Instalment , Please click here for downloading details
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Members are aware that GST is made applicable on variuos goods and services which includes construction services also from 1/7/2017. As per GST Act GST is payable in the follwing type of services at the rates indicated against each, Please click here for downloading details
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IRWO is proposing to construct multistory dwelling units with lifts, stilt floor & basement for parking with S+12/11 Floors as per details given in table I, for housing scheme, Lucknow Ph.IV at Miranpur Pinvat, Pargana Bijnor, on Kanpur Road, at Lucknow (As per site Plan).
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Applications in respect of blood relations will have to be forwarded by the concerned IRWO members quoting the membership number. In case of more than one application is received from blood relations of an IRWO member he/she will have to specify the priority amongst these blood relations while countersigning the application.

11-Jun- 2020