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A photograph of Zirakpur Housing Complex near Chandigarh

Land Procurement

The following is the position of procurement of land by IRWO for Group Housing at various locations:

1. hyderabad

A piece of 5.40-Acre of land was allotted to IRWO by Telengana Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TPIIC). Another Co-operative Society had challenged this allotment in High Court and matter was sub-judice. Unfortunately, TPIIC also cancelled the allotment to IRWO against which IRWO got a stay from High Court, Hyderabad. Both the W.P’s have been dismissed by the High Court recently. Copy of court order was obtained and TPIIC were requested to take payment as given earlier and give possession of the plot of land to IRWO
The case was pursued with the State Govt. Letter was written by Member Staff, Railway Board to Chief Secretary, Govt of Telengana, followed by a letter from the MR to the Chief Minister, Telengana to assist in obtaining the possession of land to IRWO from TPIIC. The matter was being pursued with the State Govt
Upon appeals from the members of Co-op Society, a two-judge bench of Hon’ble High Court has set the order aside and referred the case back to the single judge of Hon’ble High Court for hearing. First hearing was held on 16-03-2016. TPIIC has now been made a party instead of APIIC. Vakalatnama has been filed by TPIIC.Further hearings are yet to be held.

2. Sohna

Tenders for turnkey project by Builders for ready-built dwelling units including land transfer, were opened on 12-11-2013 for Sohna. One offer was received. Financial bid was opened on 31-01-2014. IRWO organized a site visit of some of the participants of demand survey. The members had reservations about the site as it was in District Mewat of Haryana. The tender has since been discharged.
Land Committee inspected plots of land offered at Sohna (located in District Gurgaon) which are suitable for IRWO group housing. Three bids, one for land and other two on turnkey basis, were received from interested Sellers. The bids were under examination. One bid has been short listed for further discussions with the Builder. A demand survey for confirmation with increased commitment money and over-riding priority for allotment of a DU, has been carried out to confirm if adequate number of units shall get booked to take up the turnkey project.The confirmation survey was closed on 31-01-2017. Total 40 applications have been received.

3. Shimla

In a demand survey done by IRWO for booking a dwelling unit around Shimla by the members, very good response was received. Offers for sale of plots of land to IRWO were invited and inspected by the land committee. LOI for purchase of about 3.3-Acre of land at Fagu was issued but it was not accepted by the Sellers.
More offers were invited and three plots of land offered were again inspected by the land committee. LOI has been issued for the purchase of 2.68-Acre of land at Kufri near Shimla. The LOI has been accepted by the Sellers. “Due diligence” to ascertain marketability of the title of land of the owners has been completed and Sellers have sent documents to clarify certain points that came up in the due diligence report of the advocate. The advocate has checked the details furnished with the Revenue records at Shimla and sent his report. Based on site inspection by GM IRWO CDG with a representative of the Sellers, clause for including approval for sale and transfer of land to IRWO members who are non-agriculturists and non-residents of Himachal Pradesh, is required to be included. A meeting was held with the Sellers to send details of the proposals for examination to include in the Agreement.

4. Bhubaneswar

The Land Grant Policy for Bhubaneswar, 2015 provides that land can be allotted to Statutory authorities such as Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA), Orissa State Housing Board (OSHB) and other similar bodies like co-operative societies that Government may notify from time to time. Under this provision, IRWO has applied for allotment of a plot of land at Bhubaneswar for construction of DUs for Railway men. East Coast Railway Shramik Union has also been helping IRWO for allotment of a plot of land. As and when the land is allotted, IRWO will make the payment as per the rates fixed by the State Government and take possession of the land.

5. Panvel in Mumbai

Letter of Intent (LOI) for purchase of 10.5-Acre of land in Panvel in Mumbai on Mumbai – Goa highway was issued. In the meantime, the land has come under NAINA (Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area). The available FAR as ascertained from CIDCO is very low (0.2 only) and it has been decided to give up this proposal.
In the meantime, a plot of land was identified near Karjat railway station. Demand survey for procurement of land at Karjat was announced with last date of submission of the application as 31-12-2015. Only 20 applications were received in the demand survey. Three fresh proposals for purchase of land at Panvel in Mumbai were received as rules with increased FAR for plots in NAINA area are under finalization. The offered plots of land have been inspected by MD, DT and DF IRWO along with GM WZ Mumbai.
A turnkey proposal has been received for construction of multi-storied DUs in Village Belavali near Panvel in Mumbai. GM WZ Mumbai has been asked to collect the details of the plot and other terms and conditions so that the land committee may inspect.