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Important Notices For Allottees

new signApplicability of GST from 1-7-2017.

With the introduction of Goods & Service Tax (GST) from 1-7-2017 all other taxes such as Excise Duty, VAT, Works Contract Tax, Service Tax etc. have been subsmued in GST. Allottees are to pay GST @ 12% in lieu of Service Tax on the Booking Money (Basic), Instalment Amount (Basic), Parking Charges, Equalisation Charges (Interest on Late Joining), Interest on Delayed Payment etc. on all payments due on or after 1st July, 2017.
However, GST is payable @ 18% on the following:-

1. Charges on account of preferential location of flats like Corner Plot, Park Facing Plot, Floor Location etc.
2.Membership Fee.
3.Transfer Fee.
4.Penalty amount (Handling Charges) on account of withdrawals/cancellation.
5.Administrative expenses (Looking After Charges) on late Possession of DU.
6. Processing Fee for Conveyance Deed.
7.Interest on delayed payment in respect of Sr No.1 to 6 above, if any, However allottees shall pay Service Tax on all Instalments which were due before 30-6-17 but paid after 30-6-17
As such GST shall be payable on all amount due on or after 1-7-2017.

IRWO allottees are requested to note the above statutory changes made by the Govt. of India and abide by them to avoid any delay in meeting deadlines and consequent levy of further charges + GST

new signRevision of Transfer Fee

As per IRWO Rules, transferers and transferees are required to submit joint application along with requisite documents ( as provided in Annexure F of IRWO General Rules) and transfer fee, for seeking NOC for transfer of DU.

Presently, transfer fee is payable as under:-

1. Type I & II - Rs.10,000/- each by Transferer and Transferee.
2. Type-III - Rs.15,000/- each by Transferer and Transferee.
3. Type-IV - Rs.20,000/- each by Transferer and Transferee

It has been decided that from 15-05-2017 in case of seeking NOC for transfer of DU transfer fee shall be payable as under:-

(1) In case of Transfer/Sale/Gift Deed following transfer fee shall be payable:-
(i) Type I & II – Rs.10,000/- each by Transferer and Transferee.
(ii) Type-III - Rs.15,000/- each by Transferer and Transferee.
(iii) Type-IV - Rs.20,000/- each by Transferer and Transferee.

(2) In case of transfer within the Blood Relations as defined in Para 2(g) of IRWO General Rules, Transfer Fee payable by Transferer and Transferee as above may be reduced by 50%. However, this concession shall be given only once. Full transfer fee shall be payable in case of subsequent transfers, even within the blood relations.

(3) In case of seeking NOC for transfer of DU after execution of Sale/Transfer/Gift Deed (Post-facto), Transfer Fee shall be payable at double the rates as above. However, such cases shall be considered in extreme circumstances where convincing reasons are given for execution of Sale/Transfer/Gift Deed before seeking prior approval from IRWO.

(4) However, no “Transfer Fee” shall be payable in case transfer is on account of demise of allottee/co-allottee.

Rail Vihar Moradabad Group Housing Scheme, Ph-III

The Scheme was opened from 3-10-16 for IRWO Members, their Blood Relations, working/retired employees of Central Government, their PSUs, Army, Air Force, Naval personnel, employees of State Government, their PSUs and employees of Nationalised Banks, from the beginning itself. The scheme was open-ended. As per lRWO Rules EC is payable on booking money/instalment amount from the due date of deposit of Booking Money/Instalment amount as applicable to the allottees of 1st batch up to the date of deposit by the allottes of subsequent batches. In order to give some relief to the allottees of this scheme, it has been decided that no EC shall be charged from the news allottees who apply for this scheme up to 30-6-17.

Deposite of next 9th Instalment by the alottees of Chennai-II-A Group Housing Scheme

Allottees of Chennai II-A Group Housing Scheme have already been sent the Revised Payment Schedule along with advice for payment of 7th & 8th instalments vide this office letter dated 15/07/2016.
Since construction work in the project is in full swing, funds are required to meet the construction cost of the project. In view of this it has been decided that the allottees may pay the 9th instalment

Please Click here for more details

IRWO Housing Moradabad Ph-III

Please refer to this office letter of even number dated 27/10/2016 sending therewith a copy of project Broucher containing Booking Application Form of Moradabad Group Housing Scheme, Ph-III
Please Click here for more information

IRWO Housing Project Ph-I & Ph-II at VIP Road, Zirakpur.

Demand for subsidy amount to compensate cost of EWS Houses plus additional demand of Expenditure incurred on account of escalation in prices of Building Materials and Labour at IRWO Housing Project Ph-I & Ph-II at VIP Road, Zirakpuir. Please Click herefor information

Asansol Ph-II-Brochure for 4th Re-OPened Scheme From 30.01.2015

It has been decided to freeze the equalization charges (EC) and Cost of Type A-1/A Dwelling unit based on EC charged from the last allottee of Type A-1/A DU, so that vacancies can be filled up quickly. Based on above decision Amendment No.1 Dated 21st July, 2016 to the Brochure of 4th Reopened Scheme is being issued and two copies of the Amendment No, 1 are enclosed for you information and necessary action. More copies of the Amendment as needed may be made by photocopying. . Please Click herefor downloding Amendment No. 1 Brochure

Service Tax Department Has reduced the abated value on the cost of Dwelling Units

Service Tax Department has reduced the abated value on the cost of DU from 75% to 70 % from 1/4/2016 and also Government has introduced another cess from 1-6-2016 know as Krishi Kalyan Cess (KKC) @ 0.50 % on the value of service provided by Service provider as Such from 1-6-2016 allottees are required to pay ST(after abatment) @4.2% +SBC @ 0.15% +KKC @.15% (Total @ 4.35). Please Click here for more details

Handing over of possession of Hyderabad Phase III Group Housing Scheme

As per Allotment Letters issued to the allottees of Hyderabad Group Housing Scheme, Phase-III, the possession of DUs will start from 1-1-2016. As the electric connection could not be provided by the State Authority by that date, handing over of possession was postponed from 1-1-2016 to 1-2-2016 intemation for the same already uploaded in IRWO Website. All those allottees who have made the entire payment of their dues including EC(if applicable), Parking Charges, Mainteance Fund Charges, Additional Maintenance Charges, Depreciation Reserve Fund Charges, Delay Charge (if any) etc. and have submitted the required documents may approach the chief Project Manager, IRWO at Hyderabad for collection of posession Letter and taking over of possession. It is again reiterated that possession of DUs should be taken by 30/04/2016 failing which Administrative Charge as per para 17(d) of IRWO General Rules will be made applicable.

Rail Vihar Sonepat Near Kundli Group Housing Scheme Phase-II
For filling up some vacant DUs of types of S-II & S-III and S-IV, Scheme was Reopened (6th Reopened) from 7-6-2016. The Scheme is still open. Though all vacant DUs of Type S-II have been filled up some DUs are still vacant in Type S-III & Type S-IV.Those who are interested in allotment of Type S-III & S-IV DUs in the above Scheme may apply in the Booking Application form available in the Scheme Brochure , immediately. Scheme Brochure and Application Form is also available in IRWO's Website The Scheme will be closed immediately after filling up the vacant DUs of Type S-III & S-IV

Payments of Instalments through RTGS
Relevant Instructions
Format in which Information is to be sent to IRWO through email

Aallottees remitting dues by RTGS must ensure that the Sender to Receiver Information – item (vi) of IRWO's instructions – is sent immediately to IRWO by post or preferably by email to agmfin at to enable us to link the remittance. The information may be sent both if the RTGS request is handed over personally in the Remitting bank and also if the transaction is effected through Internet Banking.