(1).  Location
(2).  Overview
(3).  Feature
(4).  Technical specification
(5).  Photo Gallary (ii).Outer View
(6).  Plans Layout Plan & Key Plan
Units Plan (Type-II),   (Type-III),   (Type-IV-3BHK),   (Type-IV-4BHK)

(7).  Payment Schedule (i).Reopen-IV
(8).  Application Form (i).For IRWO Members

(ii).For Blood Relation of IRWO Members

(iii).For Central/State Govt & thier PSUs Employeee and Naval/Army & Nationlised Bank Employee
(9).  Membership Form (i).For IRWO Members

(ii).For Blood Relation of IRWO Members

(iii).For Central/State Govt & thier PSUs Employeee and Naval/Army & Nationlised Bank Employee
(10).  e-Brochure e-Broucher
(11).  Google Map  
(12).  View Payment Details Click Here  
(13).  Instalment Calling
from Existing Allottees as on date
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(14).  P.M:- Shri Ravinder Sali,   Contact No.9490216924  



(1).As per Govt. notification, when a buyer buys immovable property (i.e. a building or part of a building or any land other than agricultural land) costing more than Rs.50 lakhs, he has to deduct TDS when he pays to the seller. This has been laid down in Section 194-1A of the Income Tax Act.

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Financial Details

(1).:Latest Audit Financial Report
Dwelling Units Details

(1).Latest Dwelling Unit Available: (i). II/13,(ii). III/52, (iii). IV/45, (iv). IV-A/39.
     Latest Dwelling Unit Allotted:(i). II/-, (ii). III/14, (iii). IV/7, (iv).IV-A/12.

Parking Details-Nill




As you are aware, GST rates on residential projects have been amended as below with effect from 01-04-2019

A. OLD RATE PRIOR TO 01-04-2019
(I) GST RATE -12%

B. New Rate Prior From 01-04-2019: -

GST rate 1% on affordable and 5% on others. However, ITC is not allowed

2.0). In residential project, IRWO has to pay GST @ 18% on every contractor’s bill. ITC permitted means that this GST Payment to Contractors can be adjusted against the GST amount to be received from the allottees [which shall be required to be paid by IRWO to Government] This adjustment can not be done where ITC is not allowed.

3.0). For on-going projects, GST Council has given builders an option to choose to either stay in the old GST regime of 12 % with ITC or opt for the new GST regime of 5% & 1% without ITC. This choice was to be intimated to the government by 10th May 2019 which has been extended to 20th May 2019.

4.0). IRWO has done a detailed analysis in consultation with Chartered Accountants for its on-going Projects at Jaipur (Ph-III), Kota, Chennai Ph-IIB) and Lucknow (Ph-IV). Detailed analysis is attached herewith as Annexure I to Annexure IV from the analysis it will be seen that cost of the project is lesser by approx. Rs 2 Crore to Rs 4 Crore if old GST rate of 12% (with ITC) is opted. Therefore, for benefit of allottees of IRWO’s on-going projects at Jaipur (Ph-III), Kota, Chennai-Ph-II-B) and Lucknow (Ph-IV) it has been decided to remain in the old GST regime.

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Allottee's Desk

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Check list of Possession Letter
Allottees of Kota Group Housing Scheme were issued allotment letter on 30-10-2018 allotting specific DU No.As per allotment letter allottees were advised to collect possesssion letter from IRWO corporate Office, New Delhi on submission of following.

(i). Makeing full payment as stated in allotment letter issued to the allottees alongwith delay charges, if any. Amount outstanding against the allottee is as per Annexure -1(Details can be seen from Allottees Ledger available in IRWO website.)

(ii). Undertaking as per Annexure C-2 on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs 100/- , duly notorised.

(iii). 3 Passport size photographs of allottees & co-allottee(if any) duly atttested.
Format of Possession Letter.

List of allottees whose payment has been cleared as on 26/4/2019.
List of Allottees whose total outstanding payment upto 9th Instalment as on 26/4/2019.
List of Allottees whose total outstanding payment upto 8th Instalment as on 26/4/2019.
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Members are aware that GST is made applicable on variuos goods and services which includes construction services also from 1/7/2017. As per GST Act GST is payable in the follwing type of services at the rates indicated against each, Please click here for downloading details
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Allottees were issued allotment letter dated 30-10-18 allotting specific DU in Kota Group Housing Scheme. As per this letter allottees were required to make payment of 9th (last) instalment alongwith other charges by 16-1-19. On the request of some of the allottees it has been decided that allottees of Kota Group Housing Scheme may pay 9th instalment alongwith other dues as under:
a) Allottees to whom DUs allotted in Block F & G = By 15-2-19.
b) Alottees to whom DUs allotted in Block E = By 30-4-19
Further as per allotment letter possession was to be taken over by 31-1-19 (without levy of administrative charges). Since due date of deposit of 9th instalment has been extended date by which possession can be taken over (without levy of Administrative Charges) have also been extended from 31-1-19 to 31-5-19.

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Allotment letter has been issued.please click here for download.

Draw for allotment of specific DU in respect of Kota Residential Housing Scheme
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The draw for allotment of specific DU may be conducted on 9-10-2018 at 11.30 hrs in IRWO Corporate Office, Railway Offices Complex, Shivaji Bridge, Behind Shankar Market, New Delhi-110001.You are requested to make it convenient to attend the draw. Draw will be conducted in respect of all the allottees (except Type-II allottees) to whom booking/allotment letters have been issued so far. Please Click here for more details

Home Loan and Finance
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The following Banks are tip-up for Home Loan.:-

Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Branch Name: Vigyan Nagar, Kota
Contact Person:- Sh Pradeep Detwal:(Loan Officer)
Mobile No. 9887755736 (M) ,8209063576 (M)

Bank Name : State Bank of India
Branch Name: DRM office, Kota
Contact Person:- Sh Kumar Rajneesh:(Loan Officer)
Mobile No. 8003890872
Contact Person:- Sh Sushil Chandel:(Loan Officer)
Mobile No. 7742586555

List of documents required by Allottee's :

1).Last 3-months salary slips.
2).Form no 16 one year.
3).Bank statement last three months.
4).Address proof.
5).Adhar &Pan card copy.
6).Passport photo 1 No.
7).Bank cheque 1 No.

Documents being issued by IRWO:

  • 1. A tripatite Agreement between IRWO, Buyer & Bank

    2. Permission to Mortgage from IRWO on Banks Prescribed Format Original receipts of advance payment made to IRWO by the Borrower.

    3. Original Agreement to sale as per RERA Act duly signed by Indian Railway Welfare Organisation through authorised signaory
    Mr. Baldev Singh (General Manager) and Mr. Ravindra Sali (Dy. Project Manager) as per delegation of powers letter no. IRWO/JP/Kota/Home Loan dated 23.08.2018 given by IRWO for the project tie-up.

    4. Possession Letter as and when issued by IRWO.

    5. Original Sale Deed to be subsequently issued in favour of the borrower to be obtained on execution & registration.

    6. NOC FOR RELEASE OF CHARGE: Before disbursement for the each and every flat/flats to be financed by the bank a No Objection Certificate would be required for release of their charge in favour of SBI to the extent of proposed mortgage, if case of any Loan Facility sanctioned to IRWO, is to be obtained without fail.

  • Download: Tripartite Agreement format