(4).Location/Key Plan
(5).Technical Sepcification
(6).Unit Plan: (i).Type II, (ii).Type III, (iii).Type IV
(7).Photo Gallery: Outer View AND Interior View  
(8).Application Form for Type-III Dwelling Units

        (i).For IRWO Members, (ii).For Blood Relation of IRWO Members,(iii).Other then IRWO Member & Blood Relation
(9). Membership Form to all categories:

        (i).For IRWO Members,(ii).For Blood Relation of IRWO Members,(iii).Other then IRWO Member & Blood Relation
(10).Project Broucher :       For Type-III (R7)
(11). Your Payment Status
(12).Latest Vacancy Position : (a)E.W.S-44
(13).Project Officer : Shri GURDEEP SINGH, P.M (North zone),        Contact No. Phone: 9569832133.


(1)Court Order

Recently Hon,ble State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission (SCDRC) Chandigarh, vide order dated: 16-03-2022, had allowed the appeal No 40 of 2019 filed by IRWO against the Order dated: 18-01-2019 passed by the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Chandigarh in the complaint No. 170 of 2017 filled by Shri. Ashwani kumar, an allottee of Zirakpur project, against IRWO, where in the Complaint was aggrieved by the additional demand as demanded by IRWO vide its letter dated: 24-10-2016 after handling over the possession of DU,s allotted to him. A copy of order dated: 16-3-2022 as passed by SCDRC/Chandigarh is uploaded on IRWO,s website for information of all the allottees. Click here to download Judgment


Conveyance Deed

(1)Notice- Click here for download


(2).Parking Details

Latest Allotteed Parking of Ph-I: (a). II/95,(b). III/40, (c). IV/38 [No Vaccany]
     Latest Allotteed Parking of Ph-II:(a). II/4, (b). III/184, (c). IV/38 [No Vaccany]

(3).Dwelling Units Details

Latest Allotteed Dwelling Unit of Ph-I: (a). II/95,(b). III/40, (c). IV/38 [No Vaccany]
     Latest Allotteed Dwelling Unit of Ph-II:(a). II/4, (b). III/184, (c). IV/38 [No Vaccany]
(4). EWS Vacant Only (a). 44 flats

Allottee's Desk

==>>Letter & NOTICE issued by Authorized Returning Officer's to All the Allottees of "Rail Vihar" Zirakpur for 1st Elections of RWA of "Rail Vihar" VIP Road, Zirakpur Project. Cick here for more details

1.List of Total 399 Allottees of Zirakpur Project click here for download
2.List of Allottees Residing in the Complexclick here for download
3. List of allottees who have filed nominations for R.W.A upto 15/09/2023click here for download
4. Returning officer 's letter regarding election result of office bearers of RWA , Zirakpur dated 25-09-2023. click here for download>br> 5. new signFormation of Regular R.W.A vide IRWO New Delhi office letter dated 27-09-2023 click here for download

Important Announcement:In Respect of conveyance Deed execution, click here for more details.

(i)-->All the Allottees of IRWO's Rail Vihar Zirakpur Project are requested to deposit thier provisional yearly maintenance charges for the year 2024 which is kept same as earlier, The last date of payment of Yearly maintenance charges for year 2024 is 31.01.2024 after which late fee will be charged @9.5% per annum. Please click here for downloading details.

(ii)-->All the allottees were sent a letter related to their outstanding, whose letter date was 27-08-2021. But some letters are back in the IRWO head office. Allottees who have not received the letter, those people can see their name in the list given below.
Click here for download the list of Allottees
(iii)-->Completion/Occupation Certificate Click here for Zirakpur Group Housing Project has been issued by the competent Authority of Punjab Govt. All Allottees are requested to submit request for conveyance Deed.                     

(iv)-->IRWO has received Completion/Occupation Certificate from the Punjab Govt. in respect of the project at Zirakpur. As per Handing/Taking over Certificate, the DUs are to be registered. For excecution of Coneyance Deed with IRWO you may apply in the prescribed form(Annexure H-3)Click here for issue of draft Conveyance Deed alongwith processing fee of Rs 1180/- (including GST of Rs 180/-) through DD drawn in favour of IRWO payable at New Delhi. However, this can also be paid in cash in IRWO, Head Office at New Delhi.

(v)-->Allottees of Zirakpur near Chandigarh Housing Schemes were informed about dues outstanding against them vide this office letter dated 4-10-2019. Aforesaid letter issued to some of the allottees (list attached) have been received back undelivered, may be due to change in address. These allottees may please collect their letters from IRWO office, New Delhi urgently. They may also intimate their new address so that future correspondence could be made at their new addresses.
Please click here for Allottees List-IAllottees List-II

(vi)-->Reminder Notice for Additional Instalment of Ph-I & Ph-II
1. Letter No. 1 Dated: 04/10/2019
2. Letter No. 2, Dated:23/10/2019

(vii)-->Environment Clearance Granted By SEIAA, Punjab to IRWO's Rail Vihar" Zirakpur Project on dated : 02-04-2019click here for downloading details
EC Compliance Reports From 30-09-2019 onwards are as below :-
(1). For Period ending 30-09-2019
(2). For Period ending 31-03-2020
(3). For Period ending 30-09-2020
(4). For Period ending 31-03-2021
(5). For Period ending 30-09-2021
(6). For Period ending 31-03-2022
(7). For Period ending 31-09-2022
(8). For Period ending 31-03-2023
(9). For Period ending 30-09-2023

(viii)-->Members are aware that GST is made applicable on variuos goods and services which includes construction services also from 1/7/2017. As per GST Act GST is payable in the follwing type of services at the rates indicated against each, Please click here for downloading details

(ix)-->Reminder for payment of dues against IRWO letter No IRWO/Technical/Zirakpur/Ph I & II dated 24-10.2016.click here
Financial crunch for day-to-day maintenance of common services at Rail Vihar, Zirakpur.click here

(a). On selection for allotment of flat and issue of booking letter, the member will be required to make the payments in accordance with the Schedule given in Annexure-II.

(b). Payment of booking money and last installment will be accepted only through bank draft or banker’s cheque drawn in favour of IRWO payable at New Delhi. Other payments may be made through local cheque / bank draft or Banker’s cheque (drawn on Delhi / New Delhi Banks) in favour of IRWO subject to realization.

(c).Applicants other than IRWO Members are also required to send Membership Application Form (Annexure-M) for the specific scheme along with membership fee of Rs. 1180/- through DD/Banker’s Cheque in favour of “IRWO” payable at Delhi/ New Delhi.

(d).If any allottee does not pay two consecutive installments on due dates after issue of booking letter, a notice will be served to pay the installments within 90 days with interest (delay charges).

(e).If any allottee does not pay two consecutive installments on due dates after issue of booking letter, a notice will be served to pay the installments within 90 days with interest (delay charges).

(f).In case, the allottee does not make payments after having been served the notice about default in payment of installment, a final notice would be served to him / her to make payment within 30 days. If the payment is not received by due date, his / her allotment will be liable to be CANCELLED without further intimation to him/ her and his / her booking money / installment amount will be refunded after deducting the penalty amount as per Para 20 of IRWO General Rules.

(g).Spouses of blood relations can be Co-owners. Applications in respect of blood relations will have to be forwarded by the concerned IRWO member quoting the Membership Number. In case more than one application are received from blood relations of an IRWO Member, he / she will have to specify the priority amongst these blood relations while counter signing the applications.

(h).Entire Payment as above (after adjusting Booking Money) shall be required to be made within 3 months from the date of issue of Booking Letter. Some of the applicants have expressed their difficulty in arranging entire payment within 3 months. As such it has been decide that if allottees cannot make the entire payment in on go, they may pay at least 50% of total amount (after adjusting Booking Money) in first 3 months from the date of issue of booking letter and the balance amount may be paid in another 3 months. In case of delay beyond 6 months, delay Charges as applicable shall be payable. However, as the DUs are fully completed and are ready to move, allottees can make entire payment immediately and take over the possession.